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charging - Can I charge Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from USB?
  • onik

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    Galaxy Tab is not being charged through USB Cable

    I can't charge Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from my USB. Is this a malfunction or intended behaviour?

    I know that the mains charger supplies four times the power of a single USB port, but I'd assume the tab can at least be maintained if not charged with the 500 mA of USB.

    However, when the tab is plugged in, I see a red cross over the battery icon and the phone status screen says "Discharging".


    How do I fix it?

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  • Community

    There's no way to charge a Honeycomb tablet by USB, sadly.

    Update: Most tablets can't be charged by USB, but some can be charged by USB - an example would be the Nexus 7.